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NOTE: Until further notice, I am exclusively teaching online piano lessons. All you need is computer, laptop or phone with a camera for video conferencing (I use Zoom.us) and a decent internet connection!
Please contact me for details (see contact page to email me).
Michael specializes in teaching adults and kids aged 12+. He is open to all genres of music, and wants to teach you pieces that actually interests you. Michael is able to tailor his teaching to the goals and interests of each student, drawing on his diverse musical background. He transmits a wealth of knowledge and passion for music, and finds great joy in teaching. Whether you are a beginner, returning the the instrument after a long absence, or just looking to brush up on some specific skills, he can help!
Michael teaches jazz & blues, pop & rock and classical piano. He employs a variety of modern and classical teaching methods, and emphasizes proper technique and posture as to reduce body strain, and as a means of acheiving greater facility on the instrument, regardless of genre. He teaches on quality Yamaha upright piano.
Hammond B3 Organ:
On the organ, Michael is well-versed in jazz, blues, gospel, funk, and pop styles.  He is proficient on the bass pedals, knowledgable in drawbar registrations, and experienced in using the other settings of the instrument to musical effect. Michael has a vintage Hammond C3 (internally identical to a B3) and Leslie speaker cabinet in his teaching studio.
Music Theory Tutoring:
Michael is extremely adept at music theory and is able to break down complicated concepts, and tailor their explanation to the specific learning style of the student.
Michael is extremely adept at music transcription, having spent hundreds of hours learning music by ear. Make rehearsal time more efficient. Learn the songs you've always wanted to, but could never find quality sheet music for.
He can create accurate lead sheets (notated melody and chord symbols) as well as note-for-note transcriptions of recordings. Contact me for examples.
His studio is located inside Starbird Piano Gallery, 500 Forest Ave, Portland, ME.
For more information, email me through the "contact" page.

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